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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

No restaurant review today folks because I ate leftovers yesterday! I don’t usually throw away food unless its spoiled. I love some good leftovers. My next restaurant review will be in a couple of days so I figured I’d try a little something different until then.

I thought of this topic because I just enjoyed a delicious cup of Wawa coffee. Wawa is Philadelphia and surrounding suburb convenient store. I understand its currently making moves to other states so if you see one, pull over and give it a try. Maybe I’ll do an entire review on Wawa someday since they do serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, beverages, etc.

Anyway, I just enjoyed my Guatemalan bean coffee, a medium blend with a mix of a little Irish Cream creamer and low fat creamer. Delish.

I am open to trying different blends or preparations so today share with me! How do you enjoy your coffee?

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