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El Limone, Ambler, PA

El Limone is one of our favorite spots to go for quick, inexpensive and delicious Mexican food. It’s authentic and we always leave with big smiles and full tummies.

El Limone is a BYO. We often see people sharing a bottle of wine or drinking a couple of beers. If you forget your alcohol fear not my friends as they offer FREE margaritas. I understand they are supposed to offer a max of 2 margaritas per entree but I have seen them pour more. The margaritas are sometimes a bit watered down on occasion but who’s complaining if they are free right!?

Complimentary margarita

I almost always order the same thing…the loaded nachos with carnitas for $9.95. They are mouthwatering. I literally crave them at times. The pork is shredded with big chunks of meat found throughout the plate (see blown up pic below in pic collage). The nachos are smothered in refried beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. The chips are house made and served crunchy and warm. I love adding their house made hot sauces. They offer a tomatillo and a chipoltle option. I love both and I use both. Use the chipoltle cautiously though…it’s hot both at the time you eat it and the next day (if you get my drift). It’s true folks. I gotta let you know but I also have to let you know that, to me, its worth it.

The most perfect nachos you’ll ever have

Below is a pick of Dan’s sopes. He ordered a chorizo and an al pastor. Sopes are a thick corn tortilla (fried masa) covered in Mexican goodness. Note El Limone’s sopes are often greasy (as well as the chorizo) but still so good. Sopes are covered in lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and cheese at $2.50 each. You just can’t beat it.


My Mom got a shrimp quesadilla for $8.00. It was cooked perfect and the shrimp were big. She was happy…I was happy.

Shrimp quesadilla

Dan and I love the Tres Leches cake at El Limone. It’s only $5.95 and it was big enough for the 3 of us to share. It was wet with milky sweetness and satisfied our dessert desire. Yum. Get it!

Tres Leches

The restaurant is located in the middle of a strip of stores in Ambler. It’s a bit run down and lacks everything fancy. The tables are set close together and there are a few placed outside on the sidewalk. The chefs are not in a closed kitchen so you can see them cooking in the very small space. TV’s are anchored in the corners of the small room often showing sporting events.

This place is loved by many so it’s usually crowded. Expect to wait on busy “out-to-eat” nights like Friday and Saturday evenings. Its always a full house with a full (and cramped) waiting area and a line often out the door but they have a quick turnaround so the wait has never been extreme. They are also very popular with the take-out so you will see door-dash folks coming and going.

It’s a great place for friends to gather, families with small children to get together and honestly, even a fun date night with maybe a show to follow down the street at Ambler Theater. One last note, in addition to it’s Ambler location, there are locations in Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Conshohocken, Norristown, Malvern, Paoli, Royersford, and West Chester. I have only been to Ambler and Norristown. Ambler is my fave of the two.

I give El Limone in Ambler 4.75 stars out of 5 forks. For the money you can’t get a better meal. Skip the fast food restaurants and head on over to El Limone. Thanks for reading and eat out more often folks!

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Plaza Azteca, Plymouth Meeting, PA

First know this is a Mexican chain restaurant but that’s okay. This place is great on so many levels. First starting with the atmosphere. It’s fun! Great music in the background and the colorful decor is sublime . It’s big enough for larger parties of say 10 or so, great for a girls night out, accommodating to families with small children and even suitable for couples looking for a date night. The prices are right, the drinks can be a-flowing and the food options are a-plenty.

Because it’s so inviting it’s usually busy. Disappointingly they don’t take reservations so if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night know you might have to wait a bit but it’ll be worth the wait. They offer some happy hour specials so you can always sip on a margarita while you wait. If you don’t mind the bar area, this area is “seat yourself” and there is usually a table that somehow isn’t seen by others that you can slip in quietly and avoid the long wait…but this is my secret so share that tip sparingly.

Once seated you are greeted with house made chips and house made salsa. We’ve been there so many times and notice that sometimes the salsa is spicy and other times not so much so be prepared either way. They also have a creamy white dip for the chips that is complimentary but you have to ask for it so be sure you do…it’s tasty.

Start with a cocktail

Happy hour Jumbo Margarita on the rocks…no salt (with a pretty flower accent) Haha just noticed the glass is chipped on the bottom but its ok, it’s not 5 star you will read below

Over the the last 6 years or so, I have had house margaritas, red and white sangria and beer. All have been served icy cold and swiftly regardless of how busy they are. I usually get the “house” margarita but they have soooo many different flavors so if you are daring give them a try.

I often order my favorite dish Enchiladas Rancheras which is two cheese enchiladas with shredded pork, cooked with onions and bell peppers, served with rice and beans for $14. Soooooooo good! This was actually recommended to me by a women I used to work with (CG you know who you are!). Ever since she recommended it to me and I tried it I could not go back. It’s honestly so good…heavy, cheesy, gluttonously fabulous. Now if you do get this don’t eat it right away. After they serve it just wait five minutes because they are so fast in the kitchen I think they just pour the hot delicious pork over the cheese filled enchiladas before the cheese is melted so the pork melts it perfectly. You just need patience. For the record I’ve I also love the shrimp quesadilla (big shrimp) and the Molcajeta for two which really feeds three. Just be sure to just order a few extra tortillas. Its fab and it’s also one of Dan’s favorites.

Enchiladas Rancheras!! MMMM

Dan had the El Pastor Tacos. Corn tortillas with grilled pork marinated in a pineapple adobo with cilantro and onion served with a side of rice and beans covered in cheese for $13. They were served on this really cool taco stand that I need to buy for home. Each taco was also served traditionally with two shells (not one like some cheapo places) so the sauce and delicious pork grease don’t split the shells. Dan liked it a lot. He’s had them before and has never been disappointed. I’m not a fan of fruit in my savory food so its not for me. Another recommendation from Dan would be the Burrito Chipotle.

El Pastor Tacos

By this point I have no room for dessert BUT we got it anyway. I am not a fan of Mexican desserts either but what the heck! We ordered the Flan. It was a little on the chunky side for me. It wasn’t smooth. Also the gelatinous texture of flan in general is not my style. But I have had churros there and they are amazing. They are stuffed with warm apples…OMG so good. Calories galore so I usually forgo dessert when we eat here.


We have been going to Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting for years. It’s always good in a pinch. I don’t think there has ever been a time we left unsatisfied. Also they have salsa dancing on Saturday nights! I haven’t been there for it but I’ve heard it’s fun especially for a girls night out. They have Quizzo and karaoke on designated nights so check it out. Bang for your buck with this place. You usually go home with leftovers and leave full. It’s not 5 star dining but that’s not what this place is. It’s good food, reasonable price, fun atmosphere, and service with a smile. Oh be warned that not all of the staff speak English. The servers do but most of the runners don’t so when they drop off the food to the table and you ask for something like hot sauce or extra napkins, don’t expect to get it because they will say “okay” but never return. Be sure to ask for those things when you place your order with your server. Truth. Plaza Azteca gets 3.25 out of 4 forks. This place is consistently satisfying. Give it a try if you can. Thanks for reading and go eat out folks!!

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Coyote Crossing in Conshohocken, PA

Back to Conshi once again. Here in this little suburb of Philly you’ll find many quaint little nooks and crannies in the restaurant world. Many offer outdoor dining which is perfect this time of year. One such place is Coyote Crossing of Conshohocken where their outside dining is not like many others in the area.

While I have been here before, I was never really impressed so it’s been at least 5 years since I was last here. I decided to give it another try and I sure am glad I did. The restaurant’s decor is absolutely perfect. It’s so colorful and has just a great Mexican resort feel, especially on the outside patio. The music is appropriate, although quite loud in the outside bar area, which is where we chose to sit.

Coyote Crossing signature coyote you find throughout the restaurant

Okay the food…it was delicious. We were offered complimentary salsa (more like a pico de gallo) and house made chips. The chips were freshly made as they were warm and crunchy. The salsa was simple yet a perfect compliment to the delicious chips. Note I do find it a bit tacky how the menu reads “salsa and chips $5, “FIRST SERVING IS COMPLIMENTARY”. It’s supposed to be more of a high-end Mexican restaurant so either charge for it or not. I don’t like the restriction.

The complimentary salsa and chips

I ordered an appetizer as my main meal. The Quesadilla Crossing with tenderloin for $16.95. It was made with a hand made corn tortilla, a blend of Chihuahua, Oaxaca and Queso fresco, and fire roasted poblanos. The steak was made to order and still very juicy. You cold tell it wasn’t premade and waiting to be stuffed into a buritto or a fajita dish. The quesadilla was super flavorful and large enough to fill me up and to bring some home for later. It would be a fine appetizer to share for 2 people as well.

Quesadilla with tenderloin

Dan ordered Huarache with wild boar for $18.95!! His serving was an entree and it was HUGE. It reminded us of a sope which is a Spanish thick tortilla, only it was A LOT larger. It was the size of his plate. It was made a hand made corn crust, frijoles refritos, smoked tomatillo verde salsa and served with lettuce, queso fresco and crema. I tasted a small piece and it was tasty but it was a heavy dish. I almost ordered it but I’m glad I didn’t as I wouldn’t have made a dent in it. The meat had a hint of cinnamon which was a nice touch. I think this dish would make a fine appetizer for a party of 4 or more because it was good, but just a bit too heavy for one person. We also packaged half up for home later.

Huarache with wild boar

DRINK TIME!! They have a plethora of cocktails offered such as margaritas on the rocks (or frozen) which are offered by the glass or the pitcher and sangria (white or red) also offered by the glass or carafe. There are plenty of beer offerings in draft or bottle, and mezcals and other spirits so everyone should be able to find a special drink.

Dan had a traditional margarita which looked beautiful in a tall, thick cocktail glass. It lacked a salt rim (which Dan likes, not me) but he still said it was great. You could tell it was made with fresh juice and not just a margarita mix you get from your local market. I had a traditional Mexican draft beer, Dos Equis Lager, served with a lime. It was okay, that’s all I can say about that (I should have ordered a sangria).


All in all we had a nice experience and I will go back when I desire that outside, good weather vibe environment. The food was just fine, not the best I ever had, but nothing specific to complain about and the same goes for the drinks. I do believe its more of a good-time kinda place rather than a romantic evening event. The next time you have a girls night planned or you have a few couples that want to get together, give this place a try. Hang in the outside bar area and get some apps. I give Coyote Crossing a 3.25 out of 4 forks. Enjoy your meals folks and thanks for reading!